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Welcome to “Is It Time”
This is the best money you could spend to protect your family.
There are no bullets flying or tanks in our streets. Yet our families are in grave danger from biological warfare, supply chain warfare, counterfeiting warfare, election hacking, and human trafficking. This one-sided World War 3 was declared in 2020 when enemies hacked our elections and released a biological weapon onto the world. If you want to protect your family in WW-3, then you will read this short manual.
How to order this manual
This manual is available through the publisher at Upstate Printing for $25.99 with free shipping. To order today, call (864) 809-8420 Or you can mail a check for $25.99 to: “Is It Time” Upstate Printing 1103 Mitchell Lane Boiling Springs, SC 29316
To contact the author: Dr. Bill Bledsoe (864) 345-9441 DrBill@IsItTime.US
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